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W-File: gh2004_0011_Caledonia

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: April 18, 2004
Location: Caledonia, Racine County.  Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: This ghost report comes from an eighteen year old student who reports that the occurrences have happened over her lifetime. It happened in the city of Caledonia and county of Racine in a reportedly haunted house.


"This house in Caledonia/Franksville is a house that was built in the civil war era by my adopted uncles greatgrandfather (sp. great grandfather)... Thus many generations have lived in this house... its a 3 acre lot with an animal barn, a chicken coop, a garage, a tractor shed, and a house. All of the original furnature (sp. furniture) and antiques are still within the lot... currently 4 ppl have died in on our land. His Great Gramps, his grandmother, their 10 year old sister, and his own mother.... after a fire in my own house I was forced to live with my uncle (NAME WITHHELD) in his house... i was 4 and had my own room that used to be the girls room... my first experience was with her..... one day I had woke up to the smell of food and attempted to dress myself (not to good with buttons) and put on a jumper with button on the back... i left them open because I couldnt (sp. couldn't) reach and went to brush my hair... the room got cold....which never happened... and I continued to brush my hair and i saw a blonde girl come up behind me....I dropped the brush and stared.... she buttoned my back and went to the window and looked out and disappeared... I fled the room screaming for my uncle.... after that I moved away and didnt (sp. didn't) come back till i was 10...I stayed the weekend (sleeping in the front room due to not liking the room anymore) and was awakend (sp. awoken) in the middle of night my a plump short lady with black hair... she told me to go sleep in my bed... I was sleepy and thinking it was my uncles friend I walked up to my old room (still intact) and went to bed... in the morning I asked my uncle who that was and he said no one came over that night... and that i must have dreamed it.... but I wasnt (sp. wasn't) fooled because the blanket I used on the couch was neatly folded at the end of the couch.... and my uncle is the most slobby (sp. slob of a) person that I knew... later on in the day my uncle asked me to unpack some of the photos that were in storage and THERE SHE WAS! i found out that it was my uncles mom that had died 2 year! s before i was born... on that very couch... (talk about creepy).... next was the incident on new years.... there was a fight between my mom and my aunt went someone shouted enough and the chair that my mom was on broke and she fell... my uncle frozen in his chair and wispered (sp. whispered) grandma... then walked out to the yard.... my mothers old room used to be the room of the GreatGramps... she told me of butt prints apearing (sp. appearing) on her bed when she was reading at night and told me that sometimes if you looked from the outside up to her room on the 2nd floor that you could see him over looking his land.... this house was not my only experience with the paranormal..."  


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