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W-File: gh2004_0008_Wauwatosa

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: April 18, 2004
Location: Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County. Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: The following ghost report comes in from a thirty-seven year old child care provider believing she may be living in a haunted house.  The incidences take place in her Wauwatosa home in Milwaukee county.  The first contact that we had stated that they were experiencing unexplainable sounds, orders, movements, cold spots, pets who were affected, and ghostly interactions.  It may be note worthy the haunted and ghost experiences seemed to increase around Halloween:


“We have had unexplained activity going on in our house ever since we moved in 6 years ago. I
have always felt like someone was watching me ever since we moved in, but now that we have been here longer, I usually only feel it in the basement. We (my children and myself) have heard old music coming from out of a wall, band music around 4a.m. in the morning coming out of the living room wall, so loud that I could'nt sleep. I have seen a dark fog coming towards me in the hallway, and white lights in the basement, either going towards the furnace or into the lights and then the light bulbs will pop. My daughter has seen a young man squating by the furnace drinking a bottle of beer in 70ish looking clothes, and when he saw her he ran away. We all have heard deep breathing and growling in the basement, and there used to be screaming, usually around halloween. We sometimes smell a sweet smell like flower when we wake up, and when we are downstairs sometimes it smells like someone is smoking, when noone smokes in our house. It got really bad about 2 years ago and went after my youngest son, He would'nt stay in his bedroom, because he said that the dinosaurs were moving, and that the ugly man would come and hurt him. He would wake up very upset saying he was hearing the boom-boom noise that meant the ugly man was coming to hurt him. He said the man was red, and long yellow teeth and long yellow finger nails. My son would wake up with the first layer of! skin peeled of his fingers, he then slept right next to me in the living room, I would stay up and listen for the boom-boom sound, and sure enough I would hear it, it sounded like a washing machine that was off balance. I would wake up, but I would be in a different room, an old room with holes in the ceiling and different furniture,then everything would slowly fade to look like my oun living room. I would also wake up and look to see my youngest son in the lap of some sort of demon that was laughing at me, then that would slowly fade to see him in the lap of my ex-husband. Clocks would change times, lights would go on and off by themselves, we would see shadow like figures in rooms where there was noone, and I would wake up to see a short stocky figure dressed mostly in white and his had would be reaching for my face, and then would disappear. My daughter would see an elderly lady rocking at night in her bedroom, and we would always hear someone walking up and down th! e hallway. My ex-husband stayed the night in my daughters room and he was levatated off the bed. Things have somewhat quieted down, but I know that it is still here, at night I will check on my kids and as I walked through the house I heard someone say "hi" to me in a very hoarse voice when everyone was sleeping. Also most recently I was downstairs doing laundry and I heard someone say my name, I was a ladies voice and very weak, but I heard and my cats heard it too, because they ran over to where the sound came from. Also< just a couple of days ago I was looking for one of the slippers ( I had the other one) and I could not find it, I look on the top of the basement stairs and all over the basement, I gave it up for lost, and when I went back there about 30 minutes later,there it sat smack-dab in the middle of the top of the basement stairs, I don't know why, but whatever was here before was pretty bad, but now, if it's the same thing, it's really mellowed out.” I have since gotten the following update: “Details: I know we are having a investigation in spring, but certain things have been happening that I think you should know, my daughter has had some encounters with some spirits. These spirits visit her between 2a.m and 10a.m, they are mostly all children and they speak to her about looking for their parents and or grandparents.”


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