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W-File: gh2004_0006_Mosinee

Type: No investigation data available at this time.
Date: May 25, 2004
Location: Mosinee, Marathon County. Wisconsin

Source: The Online Reporting Form


Details: This ghost report of a possible haunted house comes in from a twenty-one year old lady calling herself Andrea. The ghost report is about a ghostly encounter that occurs every night in her Mosinee (Marathon County) apartment. Here are the details in her
encounter with shadows, noises and even physical interaction:



“Every night when i go to bed in the doorway of my room i see a
person, but its not a shadow and its not a visible person, its more like i can see the entire outline and limbs but its all black...and it stands to the side of the door and peeks its head around for about 20 minutes to an hour every night then it will walk past my door into the living room but when its entire body is visible in the doorway it stops and looks like its turning its head and looks right at me then continues walking then thats all i see of it for the rest of the night....then on 2 occasions i was laying in bed and i had a lamp on and I looked up at my ceiling and there was a cloud like object it was all black and it seemed to be hovering and moving side to side then it was gone...and whenever i rearrange my bedroom and move my dresser out of the corner of my eye i see a dead body that is bloody and mutulated, but when i look directly at it its not there, but the odd part is i only see it whe! n my dresser is moved. when i am home alone i get the feeling that im being protected by it, im not really afraid, which is unusual because this kind of stuff really freaks me out. however the dead body is really creepy if anyone can help me or has any answers to why this might be happening i'd really appreciate some feed back Andrea”


Update: "i read through what i had written before and yes there have been a few more morning i had gotten up to get my son ready for school and my house was really cold, so i went into the bathroom and turned the shower on really hot and shut the curtain so it would steam up in the bathroom and i would be warm when i got ready. well about 5 minutes after that the hose on the detachable shower head started slapping the shower wall really hard about 3 or 4 times. the shower curtain was closed because i didnt want the water going all over the bathroom, anyways i looked at the curtain and didnt see anything so i continued to get ready when it started doing it again, so i pulled the shower curtain aside and in the steam i saw an outline of the upper portion of a human. The next incident also happened in the boyfriend was out for the night and my son was in bed so i decided to take a bath...i was in there for probablly 1/2 hour when all of a sudden it sounded like someone was urinating in the toilet ( which is right next to the bathtub ) i peeked over and didnt see anything, then about 30 seconds later maybe less i heard it again the sound was very distinct, someone was going to the bathroom in my toilet. So i peeked over again and didnt see anything then i was laying in the tub just staring at the toilet and our plush toilet seat started to rise back up as if someone had been sitting on most recent occurance happened while we were sleeping my boyfriend rolled over and attempted to wake me up because i was on his side of the bed when i awoke standing in a crouched possition with its hands on its legs was a man his face was only about 6 inches from mine i screamed and jumped on top of my boyfriend, but he says he didnt see boyfriend whos very skeptical of this sort of stuff has also told me of a few occurances, one night while i was at work he was sitting at the computer checking his mail when a penny dropped from nowhere on to the dresser ( which is only about 2 feet from our computer desk) he also said that one night him and our son were sleeping on the fold out couch, while i was out of town, and something had waken him up hes not sure what but when he opened his eyes he heard footsteps next to the bed he turned over but nothing was there. as far as hes told me whatever it is hasnt materialized to him yet. as far as video goes no i havent tried to capture it on film yet....the only time i regularily see it is at night  when the lights are out..."  


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