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Wisconsin ghosts, hauntings, lake monsters and more UFO Wisconsin - A Progress Report by Noah Voss
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Lake Pepin



This is a cropped image taken from the best photograph I got that day.  Perhaps it is still not quite clear on what it is, especially since I've been filling the more suggestible reader with my 'monster potential' slant.  It was a branch sticking up off of a submerged log.  The interesting thing is it never once actually moved.  It was us on the boat heading further up river that were actually moving.  I think it did look quite convincing in the images that it was moving. 

Alright so I've had my fun with this little perception experiment.  In case you're interested I am afforded the opportunity to go into greater detail with the entire science and philosophy behind subjective perception along with a few other fun experiments here in EVP 101 - The Human Variable.


Read the complete lake monster investigation report and all about the adventures had in the Lake Pepin Legend Trippers Journal Entry


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