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W-File: gh_st_nazianz

Type: Ghost
Location: Saint Nazianz, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

St. Nazianz, Wisconsin also known as JFK Prep

Source: Ghost report via The W-Files site


Saint Nazianz

The following report comes in from an eighteen-year-old who calls themself “Private Detector”.  His details are a bit confusing, and did not use spell check.  The report regards JFK Prep School that was once located in Saint Nazianz.  This building is located on private property and they do NOT want people there. 


If you do decide to investigate this one on your own, please know that you will be fined for trespassing.  This person claims there was witnesses, it was not a one time occurrence, there a history, as well as unexplainable sounds noises or voices, unexplainable odors, unexplainable movement or levitation, unexplainable fires or glass breaking, and unexplainable cold or hot spots.  This person also stated that there were no problems associated with plumbing or electricity, there are fascinations with the occult, no ghost interactions, and physical attacks.  He claims to have video, but would not share even his email address to further discuss this.  Here are the details in their own words…

"Details: I didnt believe in ghosts... until my freinds dragged me to JFK PREPSCHOOL!  We were in a room...... i grabbed my flashlight... shined it in another room and something white flew or drifted across the door... nothing small... something more bigger...Then,we all walked into another room.. i got a bad stomach pain... turns out we all did.  WE went on the roof of this huge deserted school, and the door slammed shut... i almost cried. We went to the other door... something... or someone was coming up the steps soo fasstt... It was 1:00 in the morning! no one was there but us!we werent supposed to be. We walked into the gym... writing and spray paint on the walls... i was holing onto my guy... i looked up... i swear i seen a girl hanging from the basketbal hoop! and i told him... and he said it was just the hoop... i looked again...nothing... we left shortly after. We had taken a remembrance that night...and something...or someone wanted it back... it was stepping on our feet... tripping us...
UNBELIEVEABLE!!! then we all seen something run across the water... something huge... a shadow.. WE RAN AS FAST AS WE COULD... never said aanything about that night to anyone..Check it out... please.”

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